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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Drummer (newsletter) got a blurb about this space = unofficial blog

Sunday music from both the choir and the folk group, with the new wash tub bass player, are two recent postings at the unofficial Sunnyhill blog. All sorts of chatter is fair game at the unofficial blog. Many have signed up to be contributors. Others are welcome.

The blog allows for a main post and comments to sustain the discussion. Blog postings
are less invasive than blast emails. But, blogs are also able to be seen by others on the internet.

Also, this FORKED blog exists, FWIW,

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Jay said...

I was glad to see this blog mentioned in the Drummer. I HOPE MORE PEOPLE START USING IT!!! The dots are kind of weird, but its a great forum for discussion--way better than the "Speak-out Box". But what's wrong with the board blog? We were trying to create a forum where we could get info out quickly--we've been criticized for being too slow. There's a link to this site, what's up?