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Friday, July 10, 2009

How to Stem your Excitement between Now & SUUSI

By Annie Golson on 10 July 2009
1. Look through past Mug Books & memorize faces of people you don't know so you can greet them as old friends: they are-you just didn't have the chance to meet them!

2. Eat ice cream for lunch every day & tell everyone, "I'm in training for SUUSI."

3. Sing (to the tune of "How Many Nights") at the top of your voice:
"How many nights until we get to SUUSI?
How many nights til the fun never ends? (or substitute "til we see our friends?")
How many nights? How many nights until it's SUUSI again?"

4. Announce loudly in church, "SUUSI's coming!"

5. Dress in colorful clothing & say, "I'm preparing for SUUSI."

6. Play all the CDs you brought back from past SUUSIs. A few of my particular favorites in no particular order are: Joe Jencks, Amy Carol Webb, Meg Barnhouse, Wishing Chair, & Divas of Mercy. Oh, listen, there's Joe now.

7. Pack & repack your SUUSI clothing 14 times because the weather is changeable.

8. Phone church friends & say, "I leave for SUUSI in (insert # of days). Wish you were coming."

9. Leave for SUUSI two days early. Drive slowly down the Blue Highways to enjoy the journey.

Okay, so maybe this won't stem your excitement, but it does provide something to do until Sunday, 19 July 2009! See you @ SUUSI!