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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Run, UUs, Run

Friday, October 01, 2010

Do you want to teach a workshop in Virginia next summer


We're pleased to announce that we are joyfully accepting SUUSI 2011 - Joy! - workshop proposals through Nov. 1! Please log into your SUUSI SOLIS account to find the proposal form.
Go to and log in using your email address and password. If you have been to SUUSI since 2007, you should have an account already in the system. You will be able to reset your password, if you have forgotten it or if you have never logged in. You will need to be able receive mail at your registered email address to reset your password. Once you log in, you can click on the "Submit a Workshop Proposal for SUUSI 2011" link to start your proposal.
Successful workshops take many different forms and shapes. Together, we teach and learn about music, the arts, crafts and hobbies, spiritual and religious growth, movement and bodywork, relationships, sports and recreation, and sometimes we just gather to play games and have fun. Most workshops are held on campus, but some involve local travel to various places. Some workshops this year will be brand new, while some will be those that we've enjoyed in the past. And some will be 1-4 day events, while some will be happen every day of SUUSI. As a whole, the SUUSI workshop program promotes community-building, personal growth, and joy by offering a diverse selection of high-quality workshops. Workshop leaders receive credit toward their SUUSI registration costs in exchange for their volunteer service.
A few tips: as you create your proposal, please pay special attention to space and equipment requirements. The more equipment that you are able to provide for yourself (cd players, flip charts, ipod speakers, etc.), the better. And while we are limited in the spaces that we can offer for workshops, knowing as much as possible about your space wishes will increase our ability to offer something suitable. Also, please be sure to indicate any flexibility that you may have in the number of sessions that your workshop will include, as well as when and on which days the workshop will be offered. We aim to offer a balance of single-day and multi-day offerings, held in both the morning and afternoon slots. And finally, ask me questions. If you're new to leading workshops, or of you have an idea for something you'd like to offer but aren't sure about some of the specifics, or if you just have a general question, please let me know. I have personally been blessed by attending and leading numerous workshops over the years at SUUSI, and I truly can't wait to join with you in continuing that beautiful history of joy, growth, and friendship. You can always email me at
And remember, Nov.1 one is the deadline!

Bill Neely, SUUSI 2011 -Joy!- Workshops Coordinator

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mount Lebanon Village Intergenerational Games

From: Larry Evans

Here's the skinny on a unique Mount Lebanon Village Intergenerational Games set for Saturday, August 14 at Mount Lebanon Park and the Cedar Blvd fields. The softball games will be using the 16" leather Chicago Softball! Should be a gas!

This summer, there is a new game in Lebo town -the Mount Lebanon Village Intergenerational Games being held on Saturday, August 14, 2010, 9am-2pm in Mount Lebanon Park. Mount Lebanon Village (MLV) is a community oriented, non-profit organization established in 2009 to give residents of Mount Lebanon 50 years and older the practical means, confidence and peace of mind to enjoy life in their own place of residence and in an environment they value as they grow older.

The MLV Games present a way to get to know our neighbors, to enjoy a day of playing together and to celebrate our common bonds. The Village Games are designed to bring together old friends and new acquaintances, pairing people of different ages and generations. The idea is to partner adults over 50 with someone under 50. The pairings could be with a son, daughter, grandchild, friend or neighbor – or maybe even some husband and wife teams! Partners will spend the day participating together in the activities of their choice. It will be a fun packed day of gently competitive team sports, individual pursuits and group games, followed by a picnic and prizes. Participants will be given a chance to win prizes for every event in which they partake.
The Village Games will open with a 9am "Chase Your Elders" one mile fun run/walk in Mount Lebanon Park where older folks start first, followed by a staggered progression by their younger partners so that all may finish at about the same time.

From 10am-1pm in Mount Lebanon Park, choose from a wide variety of friendly co-ed, intergenerational team sports including volleyball, softball, soccer, basketball, tennis & bocce as well as measure your athletic skills in a 50 yard dash, punt, pass and kick, free throws, target toss & radar gun stations, plus enjoy old fashioned games like a treasure hunt, relay races, water balloon toss, horseshoes, shuffleboard, hula hoops , scrabble, checkers & chess. You can also engage in creative activities such as an inter-active story-telling session led by the Pittsburgh Wing and a Prayer Interplay Troupe.

Beginning at noon, enjoy an old fashioned picnic provided by Pittsburgh Barbeque at the Mount Lebanon Tennis Center Founder's Room and Deck. Enjoy delicious food to live music. Ted Sohier of WQED will be picnic MC and prizes will be drawn throughout.
REGISTER at http://. by JULY 31st to receive a nifty Mount Lebanon Village Games T-shirt!  Further Information: 412-343-4054

Larry Evans
417 Kurt Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15243