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Sunday, July 15, 2007

UU Church sign draws attention

Kerry may have to ketchup - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
SIGNAGE. Members of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ligonier Valley didn't realize they'd gain nationwide notoriety when they put up a banner on their church, nestled along Route 30 in Ligonier Township, to attract new members.

The sign has drawn the curious attention from one of television evangelist Pat Robertson's disciples, Lee Webb, an anchor at Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network.

In an opinion column posted last week on the channel's Web site, Webb posted a photograph of the banner.

"My family and I passed a Unitarian Universalist Church while we were vacationing in Western Pennsylvania last week. Displayed on the front of the building was a banner that read, "A Beacon of Liberal Religion," Webb wrote.

"I've driven by a lot of churches over the years, but never one so proud of its liberalism," Webb added.

Webb reports he was so "intrigued" by the banner's declaration, he visited the church's Web site and was surprised that its pride "in its unorthodoxy runs deep."

"Sad, isn't it? Is it any wonder, then, that liberal Protestant denominations are losing members in droves?" Webb asks.

The church pastor, the Rev. Dr. Renee Waun, said last week that Webb's lumping the local congregation into a liberal Protestant denomination "is like comparing apples and oranges."

"Basically, we're a new church -- only 3 years old -- and the sign is to show people what we are offering. The comments are almost absurd. ... We have a lot of members in our congregation who remain strong to the Christian faith," she said.