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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Randy Bellamy, Facilitator, Current Events Discussion Group writes:

Well, we'll be sandwiched in between the two services once again, which is our usual scheduled meeting time following Labor Day and prior to Memorial Day. We'll meet twice monthly and USUALLY we'll meet in room #25. And so, life begins again with our having a chance to review, thrash out, rant and thoughtfully compare and contrast our concerns and views within a friendly framework which you'll find both challenging and congenial.

These times are complex and challenging, and demand our becoming more clearly focused and better informed. Please join us as we attempt to reach informed conclusions of what we will and will not tolerate, of what matters and what we will or may dismiss. During each of our biweekly considerations of events, which are certainly among Pittsburgh's liveliest, we will attempt, through discussion and debate, to gather perspectives and resolve needed to face the demands made upon each of us. I hope you'll come and make your own contribution to the continuing discussion.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Open Letter to Unitarian Universalists

There is no "if" about the President's abuse of the First Amendment. As a 14 year Marine veteran I've seen the results when one religion is favored over another.

Take a look at reaction and information about recent actions by the Supreme Court.

My letter is meant to be a wake up call.

To date Unitarian Universalists and the UUA have not joined in any coordinated action against the ecclesiastical administration of the United States on Faith Based initiatives.

The UUA came out opposing the nomination of Samuel Alito to the supreme court in December of 2005 and we went as far as a letter of opposition.

What can we do now besides say, "We told you so."

So far I've not been able to find any Church groups or bodies that are joining this fight.

The closest on their web site is the society for Humanistic Judaism

We Unitarian Universalists have democracy at the very core of our belief system. We respect the inherent worth and dignity of every individual in their search for spiritual fulfillment. If we stand on the sidelines we are not only accepting whatever theocracy the current or future administration has or have but are allowing an alliance of two branches of the government to over rule the third.

What do you all think of the actions of the President and the Supreme Court?

If we can't beat them should we Joining them to get our "fair share"? (Yes that is meant as Sarcasm.)

Or do we band together to return the separation of church and state to the first secular government in the world?

If we chose the latter as the high ground how do fund the fight?

I know our church could not afford a battle independently. But is this something that we pay UUA dues for?

Bob Lee
UUCSH (AKA Sunnyhill)
Pittsburgh, PA