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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Next Forum

The US Army operates a center at Ft Leavenworth Kansas called "the finest learning center in the United States of America." We will watch the Commandant explain how the Army is now training the troops in "Nation Building" whereas just a few years ago, one politician mocked the previous President (Clinton) for using the Army for such activity.

We will also watch part of an interview with Gen. Petraeus where he relates some of the complications of the occupation of Iraq. The lesson to be learned from both officers is how well educated, perceptive and well spoken they are compared to the civilians to whom they must answer.

This will be in Room 25 at 10:15


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Big Meeting and APT results are delivered

The Sunnyhill Service auction was as much fun as a day at the beach. It was held on Saturday night.

Sunday night the community gathered to get the results of the Action Planning Team in the next step of the 'bridge building process.'

The congregational meeting is next week.