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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Joy To The World, with 20 strings

Watch and hear Erik, Grant, Phillip, Tess and Marina (left to right) at Christmas Eve service, December 2006.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Pagent 2006 with all the lights.

Saturday, December 09, 2006


This can be posted to the Calendar page at too. Let's test it for a bit here at the blog.

Sunnyhill's new Google Calendar

Subscribe the the new calendar by clicking to this link.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hill clergy lead effort to rebuff slots casino in Hill

Hill clergy lead effort to rebuff slots casino in Hill 'This is our first action to ensure that the spiritual and economic well-being of this community is not compromised,' he said.
Some ministers went out on a limb to speak out against gambling in Pittsburgh.

Sadly, their first action comes about a month before the decision is going to be announced as to where the casino is to be built.

Too many have been silent on this issue for a long time. Seemingly, this is another example of doing 'too little' and doing it 'too late' in the process.

Houses of worship face threat of crime - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Houses of worship face threat of crime - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Yet simply taking a few low-cost measures can dramatically increase safety and security, Spacek said. He referred to these as the 'five L's' of crime prevention: lock doors and windows, keep landscaping to a minimum around entries, have adequate lighting, start a church 'lookout' group similar to a neighborhood watch group, and establish a good relationship with law-enforcement agencies.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Current Events Schedule for LifeCraft

Current Events is scheduled for next week, in the Main room. Here is
the schedule for the rest of the year:

Oct. 15 - Main Room - current events
Oct. 29 - Room 25 - current events
Nov. 12 - Main Room - current events
Nov. 26 - Room 25 - current events
Dec. 10 - Room 24 - current events
Jan 14 - Main Room - current events
Jan. 28 - Room 24 - current events
Feb. 11 - Main Room - current events
Feb. 25 - Room 25 - current events
Mar. 11 - Main Room - current events
Mar. 25 - Room 24 - current events
Apr. 8 - Room 24 - current events (Easter)
Apr. 22 - Room 25 - current Events
May 6 - Main - current events
May 20 - Room 25 - current events

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Gifts and home decorations -- Plus home-cooked soups, breads, desserts, and more!

October 12, 13, & 14, 2006

Thursday & Friday 9:00 A.M.– 9:00 P.M. & Saturday 9:00 A.M.– 3:00 P.M.



Unitarian Universalist Church of the South Hills, 1240 Washington Road, (Rt. 19), Mt. Lebanon

Monday, October 02, 2006

March For Sustainability On Oct. 7th

The Pittsburgh Chapter of the Association for India’s Development and the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh are sponsoring a March for Sustainable Living. The march’s objective is to convey the message that many aspects of our lifestyles are unsustainable, and that it is our moral responsibility to consume less and preserve the planet's resources for future generations. Marchers will use sidewalks throughout, with volunteers located along the way to guide the public. The march will culminate at Flagstaff Hill in Schenley Park, where speakers will talk about sustainable living. Speakers include State Senator Jim Ferlo, City Councilman Bill Peduto, Myron Arnowitt from Clean Water Action, Michael Parker from GASP and others. The march is the final event of the Mahatma Gandhi birthday celebration week conducted jointly by Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, starting October 1st.

The organizers believe that contemporary lifestyles are not only unsustainable, but lead to a poor quality of life: for instance, consumerism has resulted in wasteful living, which has led to restlessness in the mind, unrestrained desires and complex health problems. Simple living is the only solution; this is exactly the message of great men like Einstein, Thoreau and Gandhi. The organizing committee for the march comprises executive directors, professionals, church ministers, professors, researchers and students from various organizations in Pittsburgh. Other supporting organizations include the Thomas Merton Center, Steel City Biofuels, and Child Relief and You (CRY).

The event is free and open to the public. For program details and parking directions, email or call Ravikant Pathak at (412) 683 1315. Additional information is available online at:

Saturday, October 7, 2006 at 2:00 PM.

Starting point is at the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh, 605 Morewood Avenue (the corner of Morewood and Ellsworth Avenues), in Shadyside. The march ends at Flagstaff Hill in Schenley Park.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Eight at Eight -- a community building activity

It is time to sign-up for 8 at 8. See Dennis right away.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Recycle Your Batteries at Sunnyhill

Diane Nedved has offered to recycle all batteries that Sunnyhillers bring to church! The box will be kept under the table in the dining room, next to the paper recycling. Diane will take them as the box fills.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pittsburgh Interfaith Impact Network Public Action, Oct 26, 2006

Thursday, October 26, 7 - 8:30 pm

Petra International Ministries, 235 Eastgate Drive

Former East Hills Shopping Center--near the intersection of Robinson Blvd. and Frankstown Ave.

Register:, 412-322-6419 or Wallace Watson, 412-371-8138

Adequate and dedicated state funding for public transportation will be one of the major issues addressed by the Pittsburgh Interfaith Impact Network (PIIN) at its Public Action. PIIN expects an attendance of 2,000 or more. Key public officials will be invited to commit to specific actions furthering our transit funding goals. All supporters of this effort are urged to attend.

Friday, September 08, 2006

PIIN meets with Rick Santorum at 10 am on Saturday

Be sure to attend at 10:00 am on Saturday as PIIN visits with Senator Rick Santorum on PIIN's issues at Bidwell Presbyterian Church, 1025 Liverpool Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15233 (Manchester District on the Northside).

If you attend, I'd love to see the minutes of the meeting.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Open House for July 4th

Friends from Sunnyhill are welcome to attend our annual open house on the evening of July 4th. We only provide lemonaid and some crafts for the kids. We have a water baloon toss and will play in both the new gameroom and at the park, badminton. Come after 6 pm.

This year we have a few extras however. Our special guest is Russ Diamond, from central PA. He is running for PA Governor and is working to get onto the November 7, 2006 general election ballot. Meet and mingle with him that night.

To hear Russ in action, come to the house at 4 pm when we'll be hosting a press event. Russ and I will both say a few things. I'd love to get you here for that too if you are interested in politics.

At 5 pm, a $17.76 fundraiser for Russ Diamond is going to be held at a eatery on East Carson Street. You are welcome to attend that if you wish. Do RSVP to me, Mark Rauterkus, Mark @, or call my cell: 412 298 3432.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lo-Fi Tribe - Blog Archive - Unitarian Universalist People

Lo-Fi Tribe � Blog Archive � Unitarian Universalist People I’m having a grand time at the 2006 Unitarian Universalist Association’s General Assembly, in St. Louis, of course.

QED shows: seven 1 hour programs in a series

Seven weekly 1 hour shows on PBS. 3 p.m.-Sunday. WQED locally beginning this Sunday, June 25.

This series should have some valuable insights given that those who will be interviewed are all authors. It would do well to consider a method of meeting to dialogue on its content. Does anyone have a suggestion, asks Ken W.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ken's alert about TV show on PBS and discussions

Bill Moyers is returning to PBS on June 23 for an seven-part series called Bill Moyers on Faith & Reason, premiering June 23 at 9 p.m. on PBS (please check local listings).

In it he will explore how religion has affected and impacted our world--talking with authors such as Salman Rushdie, Margaret Atwood, Martin Amis, Richard Rodriguez, and Mary Gordon.

An advertisement for the series reads, in part: "In a world where religion is poison to some and salvation to others, how do we live together?"

Should we start a discussion built around the contents of this series? If we do, I strongly urge that we watch to see if and how they distinguish between religion (personal conviction and commitment) and church (group dynamic and tradition).

Invitation to Interfaith Panel on "Art of Living Together"

Pittsburgh Dialogue Foundation & West Penn Cultural Center cordially invite you to an interfaith panel on “Art of Living Together”

Dr. Frances Leap, Professor of Religious Studies, Seton Hill University, Greensburg, PA
Dr. Ellen Posman, Professor of Religious Studies, Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea, OH
Imam Salih Yucel, Muslim Chaplain, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA, President, Boston Dialogue Foundation, Boston, MA

From 7 to 9:30 pm on Thursday, June 15, 2006

Andy Warhol Museum, 117 Sandusky St., Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Registration is required. Please RSVP via e-mail by Friday, June 9. events -at- pghdialogue -dot- org. PDF Url:


Phone: (412) 628-6871

Special thanks to Andy Warhol Museum.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Lay Service -- hitting home -- Thanks T -- different perspectives

Sunnyhill has a great tradition of lay-led services. Yesterdays' was especially good. It was about 'different perspectives.'

Then we had a nice feast and cook out. Yummy.

If I get a copy of the service -- via email -- I'll make some highlights known on the blog.

Photo above, Title: Upside Church - Vancouver, from quinet is Community Commons license with Attribution License.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Tippi's eclipse links

First, photos from this year's trip. These are not all mine, but a mix taken by the group.

Second, my web page about all the eclipses:

Finally, my video of the eclipse -- the one I showed at Sunnyhill but with this year's eclipsed sun inserted in.

House Concert host by Mark Rauterkus with Joe Jencks

with a second set at 8:30 pm

Join Mark Rauterkus and family (Catherine Palmer, Erik & Grant) in hosting friends, family, neighbors, bloggers, strangers and fellow music lovers from school, church, labor and sports – and perhaps politics too, at their home and office:

108 South 12th Street, South Side, Pittsburgh.

RSVP is necessary as space is limited to 35 seats.

Call 412 298 3432 or email Mark @ Rauterkus . Com

Kids who can sit and enjoy the concert are welcomed (first set).

Joe Jencks, singer/songwriter, plays guitar and is equally talented as the other excellent performers hosted in the past. Joe's original music and ballads are for the everyday, modern workers with many union songs, tunes of history, struggle, rails, fast-food workers, Rosie the Riveter (Revised), John Henry and even the Deportee.

Joe happens to be on tour with his latest CD, Rise As One.
Artist donations accepted. CDs for sale.

The next release of the Mark@Rauterkus.Com CD might include the Joe Jencks tune(s): "We Won" and/or "We Do the Work." Help us decide.
WINNER 2005: Plowshares, Songwriting Contest; South Florida Folk Festival Songwriting Contest
Winner 2004: Winfield Music Festival Songwriting Contest
Winner 2004 and 2003 Tumbleweed, Folk Festival Songwriting Contest

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Purge your basement and attic while supporting your church. Drop off times will be 6-9 Thursday, June 1st and Friday, June 2nd. Books, toys, baby items, kitchen items, jewelry, glassware, furniture, practically anything you can think of (except clothing). Call Cori Vipperman to arrange for large item pickup (412)563-0632 or email Also think about signing up to volunteer. We are in special need of two people who own trucks for pickups on Thursday and Friday night! Strong backs on Thursday to set up tables also. Please let Cori know if your interested!

Refreshments will be provided all three days. Sign up sheets will be posted Sunday on the community board. Please remember to include your phone number for reminders or changes. It's a lot of fun! Hope to see you there!

Friday, May 05, 2006

It’s Back andIt’s More Delicious Than Ever! The Sunnyhill Annual Pancake Breakfast Saturday, May 13 from 9 am to 1 pm

Be there on May 13, 2006, 9 am — 1 pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church of the South Hills (often called Sunnyhill) 1240 Washington Road — Route 19, Mt. Lebanon, PA 15228.

It’s the home of Turtle Pancakes.

Unique pancake shapes for childrenas featured in the May 1, 2003, Post Gazette Food Section. Also featuring Specialty Scrambled Eggs / Homefries Link Sausage / Regular PancakesCoffee / Tea / Milk / Orange Juice / Butter & syrup. All you can eat for $7.00 for Adults and $4.00 for Children ages 12 and under. Makes a great Mother’s Day present!

Friday, April 28, 2006


Here is a meeting I've attended in the past. This presentation and discussion might interest some from Sunnyhill.
May 3, 2006

Intelligent Design – Science or Religion? Does It Belong In A Classroom, And If So, Where?

The notion of “intelligent design,” or, the belief that scientific evidence customarily used to support an evolutionary system to explain the origin and diversity of life on Earth can and does also support the existence of a/an “(intelligent) designer” of this system, has been in the news and in the courts in recent months. What exactly is this “intelligent design” theory? Does it conform to accepted notions of a scientific theory, or is it better said to be a belief based on religion or faith? The theory of “intelligent design” was formerly taught in the Dover School District here in Pennsylvania, recently the subject of a federal court case--should this be taught in our schools, and, if so, where? In biology classes, religion classes, or any similar type of class?

Professor Sandra Mitchell, the Chair of the world-famous Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh, will present her views on this matter. Prof. Mitchell has written and lectured extensively on topics related to the general philosophy of science, with particular regard to the fields of biology and evolution. Whether you are interested in the specifics of this particular theory of “intelligent design” or the general notion of what might qualify as a scientific theory in the academic community today, this talk will be one that you won't want to miss!

Come early to enjoy the food, drink, and bring a friend. We will see you Wednesday, May 3, 2006 located at Silvioni’s, 2125 Babcock Boulevard. Dinner will be served until 7:00 pm. The meeting will start at approximately 7:15 pm.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Dave Nachmanoff -- playing Pittsburgh and Kent

Sunday, May 7th
Pittsburgh, PA
Club Cafe -

Wednesday, May 10th
Cleveland, OH
The Winchester -

Thursday, May 11th
Kent, OH
Kent Stage -

Saturday, May 13th
Elkhart Lake, WI
Jazz On The Vine Festival

Friday, April 14, 2006

Lynn Swann to PIIN event on North Side

Dear Fellow Leader,

I bring greetings to you as president of the Pittsburgh Interfaith Impact Network (PIIN) and as co-chair of the NAACP Religious Affairs Committee. I want to alert you to an upcoming event where your attendance is critical. On Friday, April 21, 2006 from 9:30 to 11:30 am the African American Leadership Caucus of PIIN is sponsoring a “meet and greet” with Republican gubernatorial candidate Lynn Swann. During this time, Mr. Swann will address those gathered and briefly share with us the key points of his campaign.

In addition, a panel of six pastors will present separate questions crafted to highlight poignant concerns of the African-American community. This event will be held at the Bidwell Presbyterian Church, 1025 Liverpool Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15233. Please plan to attend and share this information with members in your congregation so that we can have a strongly attended public gathering to continue demonstrating our power in assembly.

Let us show our unified support in this matter as we have shown those struggling for comprehensive immigration reform.


Rev. John C. Welch

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Self -- meeting of selves

Sunnyhill Self-Masquerade Party!

To welcome and meet our new members, everyone is invited to join us on April 15th at 7:00 pm.

This year, come dressed in whatever clothes or accessories best represent YOU! Find items around the house that show off your favorite hobbies and interests; come with gardening gloves, a Hawaiian shirt, or a lab coat… and, of course, expect to see lots of Steelers’ gear!

We’ll have an evening of games and good company, and leave knowing each other a little bit better. RSVP Werner or Anita Hager.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006 - Olympics - Norwegian ski coach rewarded with maple syrup - Wednesday April 5, 2006 12:54PM

We should get this guy to attend the Mothers' Day Pancake Breakfast. And note, the fit folks in Norway don't even know about the Maple Syrup -- and it is on the flag of Canada. - Olympics - Norwegian ski coach rewarded with maple syrup - Wednesday April 5, 2006 12:54PM Maple syrup is little known in Norway, and the 37-year-old Haakensmoen said he recently tasted it for the first time.

'It's sweet, and a little unusual,' he said. 'We might have it from time to time, but not five times a day.'
Read the entire article at the Sports Illustated site.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Who was Jesus, sent around as an email joke

Who was Jesus?

Opinions vary ...Who was Jesus? (Here are all kinds of options}

My friend from Baton Rouge, LA, says that Jesus was a Cajun:

1. He liked to serve fish to his friends
2. He could make his own wine
3. And he wasn't afraid of water.

My black friend had 3 arguments that Jesus was Black:

1. He called everyone "brother"
2. He liked Gospel
3. He couldn't get a fair trial.

My Jewish friend had 3 arguments that Jesus was Jewish:

1. He went into His Father's business.
2. He lived at home until he was 33.
3. He was sure his Mother was a virgin and his mother was sure he was God.

My Italian friend gave his 3 arguments that Jesus was Italian:

1. He talked with his hands.
2. He had wine with every meal.
3. He used olive oil.

My California friends had 3 arguments that Jesus was a Californian:

1. He never cut his hair.
2. He walked around barefoot all the time.
3. He started a new religion.

My Irish friend then gave his 3 arguments that Jesus was Irish:

1. He never got married.
2. He was always telling stories.
3. He loved green pastures.

BUT my LADY friend had most compelling evidence that Jesus was a WOMAN:

1. He fed a crowd at a moment's notice when there was no food.
2. He kept trying to get a message across to a bunch of men who just didn't get it.
3. And even when he was dead, he had to get up because there was more work to do.

(Source unknown If you know the source, put it in
the comments, please.)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ken's latest pointer: Film, Why We Fight

You need to see this film and visit its site -- so says Ken. I listened and agree.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Annual report, service auction

Sunnyhill's Annual Report for last year is out and looking good. Our Annual Meeting is slated for Sunday, April 9 during LifeCraft. That is when we will vote for new board members and review the past year.

A special collection comes at this Sunday's service for the Jubilee Soup Kitchen.

The Service Auction is on for Saturday night -- and it will be fun.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

UUs hit Vegas

Have a fun, safe trip. And, we'll keep the lights on you for fun. Home

Friday, March 17, 2006


How long has it been since you couldn't hear the "civilized" sounds of vehicles and appliances?

Experience it with us.

It’s our spring bonfire! We hope you’ll come! And bring whomever: And whatever (e.g. dogs, kites, balls)! It’s on Saturday, April 1 from 2:00 PM until after dark, but come whenever you can. We plan to light the bonfire at around 2:30, watch the flames roar up, and then let the fire slow down as it burns into the evening. It’s at ‘Playland’, our 13 acre property on Welsh Road in Chartiers Township, Washington County. (See the attached map.) That is approximately 10 minutes from the Meadowlands Racetrack and McDonalds. It’s rustic: and we don’t mean just no phone or computer. We mean no plumbing, no electricity, no shelter --- and few restrictions. If the thrill of a bonfire in the meadow isn’t enough for you, there are acres of woods to explore (dress for poison ivy just in case) and many of us picnic, play, and stretch our muscles. Whatever the case, bring clothing for all seasons. (One year the weather went from T-shirt weather to a blizzard in the same afternoon!)

You may want to bring lawnchairs and blankets, yoga mats and guitars, ... We'll provide all the fixings for vegan and non-vegan some-mores, hot dogs and water. Some people bring food and drink to share - that's really nice. And, if you have some tree parts that you want to get rid of - just bring them and throw them on the fire. (We had someone bring a box of old tax records, but that did not work out so well as some of the pages were sucked up in the heat to perhaps 100 feet up, and then the breezes wafted them away.)

In case of bad weather (i.e. a LOT of rain or wind), it will be postponed to Sunday afternoon. Please note that the weather at Playland has always been better that in Allegheny County and that we have never had to postpone. If you RSVP, we will know with whom to get in touch in case of questionable weather. Feel free also to call or email us about the weather situation or anything else.

Hope to see you there!

Peter and Denise

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Concert at Allegheny UU, April 22

DownUnder Coffeehouse, Allegheny UU Church

Contact: Steve Hirtle, downunder -at- alleghenyuu -dot- org

Eve Goodman and Jack at the DownUnder

You are invited to attend the DownUnder Coffeehouse on Saturday, Apr 22 from 7:30-9:30 to hear Eve Goodman and Jack. Eve is a wonderful singer-songwriter, whose intricate guitar-playing and insightful lyrics will leave you captivated. The band Jack features three of the most loved songwriters from the Calliope Songwriters Circle: Stacy Mates, Dave LaRose and George Kantor. Come hear some of Pittsburgh's
most exciting singer-songwriters in a relaxed coffeehouse atmosphere.

The DownUnder Coffeehouse is open one Saturday each month in Allegheny Unitarian Universalist Church, 416 West North Ave, North Side. Suggested donation is $5.00. Desserts and coffee will be available. Call 412-322-4261 or see for more details.

Did the phone call test work for you?

The caring committee gave a test last week of the automatic phone tree. Any feedback is welcomed.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Kill this suicide pact

Kill this suicide pact - (Editor's note: This column is adapted from a longer address scheduled to be delivered today to the fine folks of the 'Lifecraft' program of the Unitarian Church of the South Hills in Mt. Lebanon.)

Monday, February 20, 2006

Sunday Forum Discussion and Leader -- Bill of Rights with Colin McNickle

Colin McNickle, Trib editor, is to talk with us about the Patriot Act and the Bill of Rights. You may wish to review the Bill of Rights, particularly Amendment IV.

See you at 10:15 a.m. this Sunday at LifeCraft.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Benefit concert at UU of the North Hills


February 11th at 7:00 pm, UUCNH (Unitarian Universalist Church of the North
Hills) kicks off Freedom to Marry Week with a Musical Revue by Proudly
Presents Productions. There will be refreshments in a cabaret/dinner
theatre setting. All proceeds will benefit Marriage Equality Pennsylvania
Chapter and Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Pittsburgh. Tickets are $10
if purchased in advance. Tickets purchased at the door are $12 ($10 for
students). Celebrate Valentine's Day a few days early with your special
someone, and join us for an evening of music and merriment as we raise money
and our voices in support of the freedom to marry for all. Visit for directions to the church. For advance tickets, see Betty
Luff between services.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

This Little Light Of Mine....

Sing it loud.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Calling in time

Traditionally, Sunyhill's Caring Committee has used a "telelphone tree" to alert members and friends to time-sensitive information. One person calls several others on a prearranged list. Those people call others, and so on, until everyone has the news.

The committee has the opportunity to automate the largest portion of the phone tree.

The proposed system will work like this: By telephone, members and friends in the 412 area will receive a short prerecorded message that alerts them to check their e-mail for details. For those without e-mail, the message will provide telephone numbers to call for details.

The Caring Committee will test the automated system, in the 412 area code only, in the middle of the week of Feb. 12. The 724 and other area codes will still be personally called.

Please help the committee work the bugs out of the system by calling Margaret Lindquist (412-563-4764) or Emilie Marlier (412-343-3235) about any problems you have in receiving the telephone call, the e-mail, or responding to the message.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Sunnyhill member, Mark Rauterkus, hosting a house concert on Feb 2 at South Side

Our musical friend, Johnsmith, we we had the please of meeting at SUUSI, is going to be in Pittsburgh and performing two sets at a fun evening at our home / office. Details are at the site, S6.CLOH.Org.

I hope to see a lot of Sunnyhill members here.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Phone booth in China. I don't think they'd like the prayer station, shown in the other photo, so much.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

This is a photo I took in a Chicago park. It is a "prayer booth." You fold out the kneeling pads and pray, much like a phone booth. No need to insert quaters. What are the things you might pray for in 2006?