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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Calling in time

Traditionally, Sunyhill's Caring Committee has used a "telelphone tree" to alert members and friends to time-sensitive information. One person calls several others on a prearranged list. Those people call others, and so on, until everyone has the news.

The committee has the opportunity to automate the largest portion of the phone tree.

The proposed system will work like this: By telephone, members and friends in the 412 area will receive a short prerecorded message that alerts them to check their e-mail for details. For those without e-mail, the message will provide telephone numbers to call for details.

The Caring Committee will test the automated system, in the 412 area code only, in the middle of the week of Feb. 12. The 724 and other area codes will still be personally called.

Please help the committee work the bugs out of the system by calling Margaret Lindquist (412-563-4764) or Emilie Marlier (412-343-3235) about any problems you have in receiving the telephone call, the e-mail, or responding to the message.

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