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Sunday, March 20, 2005


It’s our spring bonfire! We hope you’ll come! And bring whomever: And whatever (e.g. dogs, kites, balls)! It’s on Saturday, April 2 from 2:00 PM until after dark, but come whenever you can. We plan to light the bonfire at around 2:30, watch the flames roar up, and then letting the fire slow down, as it burns into the evening.

It’s at ‘Playland’, our 13 acre property on Welsh Road in Chartiers Township. That is approximately 10 minutes from the Meadowlands Racetrack and McDonalds. It’s rustic: and we don’t mean just no phone or computer. We mean no plumbing, no electricity, no shelter --- and few restrictions. If the thrill of a bonfire in the meadow isn’t enough for you, there are acres of woods to explore (dress for poison ivy) and many of us picnic, play, and stretch our muscles. Whatever the case, bring clothing for all seasons. (One year the weather went from T-shirt weather to a blizzard in the same afternoon!)

You may want to bring lawnchairs and blankets. Some people bring food and drink to share - that's really nice. And, if you have some tree parts that you want to get rid of - just bring them and throw them on the fire. (We had someone bring a box of old tax records, but that did not work out so well as some of the pages were sucked up in the heat to perhaps 100 feet up, and then the breezes wafted them away.)

In case of bad weather (i.e. a lot of rain or wind), it will be postponed to Sunday afternoon. If you RSVP, we will know with whom to get in touch in case of questionable weather. Feel free also to call or email us about the weather situation or anything else.

Hope to see you there!

Peter and Denise

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Ralph Reiland at the Forum

Ralph Reiland (an associate professor of economics at Robert Morris University, a Monday columnist with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, a contributing writer at The American Enterprise Institute, an associate editor at Liberty magazine, the owner of Amel's Restaurant, and a former president at Sunnyhill) will speak this Sunday, 3/20/05, on "REGULATION & LITIGATION: THE NEW SOCIALISM IN AMERICA "

The Forum will start at 10:15 on Sunday.