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Thursday, July 28, 2005

UU's gather on August 6 at noon

The recently formed UU's United for Faith In Action are sponsoring the picnic on Saturday Aug 6th from 12-5 PM. It is at Sunnyhill and involves all the area UU churches. We already have over 30 people signed up from First Church. I throw the gauntlet, as hosts, there really shouldn’t be more of them than us. Bring a pot luck dish/salad to share. Dessert will be provided. Games, instruments, etc. are requested. There are a lot of picnics going on, but this one is in our back yard! If possible, please sign up by Sunday the 31st.

Posting from Karen Z.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Picnic for Sunnyhill

Noon, Sunday Aug 14, 2005, at Braddock Grove in South Park.

Please join us for a picnic after church. We request that you bring something to
share according to the first letter of your last name.

(A-H) Salad
(I-P) Dessert
(Q-Z) Snack food (chips and dip, veggie tray...)

A grill and charcoal will be provided, but you must bring your own meat.
Also, we are collecting $5 from each family in order to buy the beer and the
soft drinks. See us after services, or mail a check to 1286 Lakemont Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15243.

Family Services are changing this year!

Although the Children’s Choir will sing, as usual, we are going to try out a new format for the service.

If you did not receive the following letter by mail, with
an interest form & a registration form to fill out, please contact Patricia.

Unitarian Universalist Religious Education has been changing over the past years, moving away from a model of “Sunday School classes” and towards varied models such as “workshop rotations” and “small groups.” We are not radically transforming Sunnyhill’s RE this year but, in the spirit of seeking better ways to religiously educate our children and youth, we are going to try a few new ideas.

Parent(s) and families are the primary religious educators of children and youth-but what does that mean?

This year we are asking that you participate at least once during the year, as a family, in a new type of “Family Service” we are offering.

These services will be different from those of the past years. Using “interest forms” you should have received & returned, we will compile a monthly LifeCraft Family Service with particular families, age groups, or themes in mind. Of course the services will be open to all, but we will extend a special invitation to particular families based on interests or other criteria (such as a service for youth and their families).

We may ask your family to do some preliminary discussion for the service and we may leave you with ideas to carry off and implement in your family if you wish. Even if your child(ren) or youth have not come to a LifeCraft Family Service in the past I hope you will make an effort to attend just one service this church year as a family.
The schedule will be posted in the Prospectus (program guide) to be mailed out in August, and will be followed with a personal invitation to a service that might interest you.

Give this new idea a try and let us know if it meets the needs of your families. It should make clearer the idea that parents and guardians provide much of their children’s religious education.

Also, if any of you are participating in the new “Chalice Circles”
(small group ministry) over the upcoming year, keep in mind it’s
a model we can try to incorporate in RE in the future as well.
Many thanks for your willingness to participate in something
new at Sunnyhill!

From Patricia Loverich Bernard, Director of Religious Education

Services in August 2005

Sunday, August 7, 10:30am
Emile Zola, Presented by Paul F. Laughlin
An examination of the life and work of a literary giant with a strong social consciousness, who placed himself in the forefront of one moral crusade after another.

He is especially known for "J'accuse", his defense of captain Alfred Dreyfus, a French Army Officer who was falsely accused of treason.

Sunday, August 14, 10:30am
Intimacy in a Growing Church. Presented by Rev. Lynn Brodie
This Sunday Lynn Brodie, minister, will address the issue of maintaining intimacy
as the church grows and introduce our new Chalice Circle program. Sign up for circles will begin after the service.

Sunday, August 21, 10:30am
Garden Festival Sunday, Presented by Rev. Lynn Brodie
Two years in a row makes it a Sunnyhill tradition. Bring a vegetable or fruit or
flower from your own harvest or from the bounty of the marketplace as we share in this celebration of abundance. Held outdoors weather permitting.

Sunday, August 28, 10:30am
Church Faith and Belief, Presented by Ken Wagner

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Mindy sings a concert at 10 am at First Unitarian on Sunday

Mindy Simmons performs on Sunday morning at 10 am at First Unitarian. She has a wonderful voice, message and performance with her guitar.

This is a Sunday worship service. The event is free. And, she is doing more than just a few tunes. She is leading the service.