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Sunday, May 28, 2006

House Concert host by Mark Rauterkus with Joe Jencks

with a second set at 8:30 pm

Join Mark Rauterkus and family (Catherine Palmer, Erik & Grant) in hosting friends, family, neighbors, bloggers, strangers and fellow music lovers from school, church, labor and sports – and perhaps politics too, at their home and office:

108 South 12th Street, South Side, Pittsburgh.

RSVP is necessary as space is limited to 35 seats.

Call 412 298 3432 or email Mark @ Rauterkus . Com

Kids who can sit and enjoy the concert are welcomed (first set).

Joe Jencks, singer/songwriter, plays guitar and is equally talented as the other excellent performers hosted in the past. Joe's original music and ballads are for the everyday, modern workers with many union songs, tunes of history, struggle, rails, fast-food workers, Rosie the Riveter (Revised), John Henry and even the Deportee.

Joe happens to be on tour with his latest CD, Rise As One.
Artist donations accepted. CDs for sale.

The next release of the Mark@Rauterkus.Com CD might include the Joe Jencks tune(s): "We Won" and/or "We Do the Work." Help us decide.
WINNER 2005: Plowshares, Songwriting Contest; South Florida Folk Festival Songwriting Contest
Winner 2004: Winfield Music Festival Songwriting Contest
Winner 2004 and 2003 Tumbleweed, Folk Festival Songwriting Contest

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