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Thursday, October 27, 2005

So, we have an election policy now? Where it that.

Can someone please post the new election policy to this blog or via email to Mark It was mentioned in the Nov edition of The Drummer. But, it was not presented there. Was it published in the past editions? Did I miss it?

If you know of it, what do you think?


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Sibyl said...
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Sibyl said...

Do we have an election policy? Maybe I should have read this post before I posted my comments about Kathryn. So far as I know, we simply abide by the law governing churches, which, in a nutshell, says that we (as a church) cannot endorse a particular candidate, and to do so could result in the loss of our tax exempt status. A church can however support and advocate for positions - for examples: the church could take stands on military action or gun control, or gay rights and we have a policy in place if we choose to do so as a congregation. And, of course, members (including our minister) can individually support candidates. But none of us can do so from the pulpit of our church, or hold out our opinions as being those of the church under any circumstance.