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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Sunnyhill's NEW email discussion for Justice Talk

A year or two ago, we had a "justice talk" list. But, it sorta died on the vine. It was taken down. However, interest has sparked again. Hence, the new list. You can subscribe yourself -- and in turn, opt-out too.

For extra help, send an email to Webmaster.

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Lynn Brodie said...

Exploring and Sharing Spiritual Practices

Sunnyhill's minister, Lynn Brodie will lead this class exploring a variety of spiritual practices. Each week will focus on one technique including hands on work. Participants will be asked to experiment with that particular practice during the coming two weeks and share their reflection on the process at the beginning of the next session. Topics will include such practices as journal writing, sitting meditation, Sabbath, walking meditation, spiritual practice through relationship. This session will meet six times on alternate Tuesday nights from 7- 9 p.m. starting September 14. Dates are: Sept. 14, Sept. 28, Oct.12, Oct. 26, Nov. 9, Nov. 23. All classes will meet in Room 25 at Sunnyhill.
Participants must sign up ahead of time by calling Lynn at 412-561-8012 or using the sign up sheet on her office door.