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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Sunday Service Committee

Our Minister, Rev. Lynn Brodie, presents three Sunday services each month, while the Sunnyhill Sunday Service Committee is responsible for arranging for the remaining services. The committee of dedicated volunteers plans, organizes and coordinates one or two services per month. It utilizes
speakers from outside as well as from our own congregation. Services offer various viewpoints ranging from humanitarian to philosophical to theological.

Meetings of the committee are generally held on the third Sunday of each month, following our final service. Please join us. Your ideas and perspectives are most

The next meeting of the Sunnyhill Sunday Service Committee will be after the service on August 29th. Please note that there will only be one service on that date starting at 10:30 am.

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Lynn Brodie said...

Speaking of Sunday services, I have chosen the topics for the services I will lead in September:

Sept. 5 “To Be or Not To Be ”
Whether you are gay or a grandparent or a political liberal, how much is safe to share of one’s identity in the workplace? When it is not safe to share, how does that affect one’s life in and out of work? This sermon will be given by Rev. Lynn M. Brodie.

Sept. 12
“Gathering of the Waters”
This UU tradition celebrates the coming together of our separate lives and experiences as we join together in community. Please bring samples of water from your summer travels and be prepared to share very briefly where it came from. If you don’t have authentic location water, symbolic water will be available courtesy of our kitchen tap. The service marks the official beginning of the Sunnyhill 2004-2005 church year including our return to two services.

Sept. 19 “Can People Live Without a Soul?”
We have made vast advances in the understanding the power of the brain. Can science now come anywhere close to explaining the soul? Is the soul a valuable concept anyhow? This sermon was purchased at the 2004 service auction by Robert Williams and will be given by Rev. Lynn M. Brodie.