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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Sunnyhill's New Home Blog -- ENDING the CONSTRUCTION and RESTARTING the meeting space

Tonight, the New Home Blog will be updated, probably for the last time. After Sunday, the Blog will no longer be necessary; you will be able to see what's happening at Sunnyhill for yourselves. While most of work on our new home will be finished when you arrive on Sunday, there will still be odds and ends to sort out. For example, the coat niches will not be completed, and some of the RE spaces won't be set up. But, it will get done.

When Judy and I first became UUs in Paramus, New Jersey, in the late 70s, we were advised that the best way to meet people and to become part of the fabric of the community was to volunteer - to get involved. The importance of getting involved is true at Sunnyhill as well; we helped paint trim in the north wing before we attended our first service. I'd like to personally thank the many volunteers who have spent countless hours working on our new and refurbished home. I've come to know and appreciate many people I only knew in passing, and I hope our working together will result in lasting friendships. Thank you for all you've done and all you will continue to do. 

~ John Armstrong

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