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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Budget Preview

Sunnyhill's 2008 Budget Preview is slated for 11:30 on December 30 (following the one service) and at 10:15 on January 6, 2008 (between the two services). These meeting happen in the Main Room to discuss the 2008 budget with interested members of the congregation.

It will be an opportunity for members to offer suggestions for which appears to be a financially difficult year. Before this meeting members will have the draft budget proposed by the Board available which will be distributed before the end of 2007. To create this draft budget, the Board has had to make some difficult choices in the face of what is anticipated to be significantly lower pledge income in 2008. It is hoped that as a result of this meeting, the congregation and Board will be in agreement regarding the choices that need to be made and why they need to be made ahead of the budget approval meeting two weeks later on January 20.

The initial proposed budget will be made available by this weekend. There will be copies available in the Dining room Sunday.

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