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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Eight at Eight Sign-Up is now

Early September is the time to sign up for the Sunnyhill Eight at Eight round-robin dinners scheduled for October 1, 2005, November 5, December 10, and January 7, 2006.

Each person gets to host once providing the main course and beverages. Dishes, utensils, chairs and tables are optional. Guests provide one dish, coordinated with the host, usually and appetiser, vegetable, salad, or dessert. These are AWESOME ways to have good food, great drinks, and fun conversation with the finest folks in the area. Sign up by contacting Dennis S at 724 941-3952 or e-mail. The deadline is September 23.

While you are comteplating the glories of this Fall’s dinners how about talking it up with new members or people you would like to see join us. I cannot offer a bounty for each new diner but will remember you in my will.

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