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Monday, October 04, 2004

Science and Spirituality, second meeting for new season

Meet during LifeCraft on Sunday, October 17, 2004.

The topic listed in the Drummer is not correct. It was taken from one of our early lists before the group had voted on the subjects that they wanted. Our topic will be presented by Bob Trivus, it
is: Tribal Identity, Genetic History and Biology of Human Relations.

This topic traces the scientific basis for ethnocentric group actions of people around the world. Bob is currently working on the material that will be transmitted to you later this week as downloads. We will print some of the material and store it in the Science and Spirituality Mailbox for people who do not have printers, or are not connected to internet. Bob always presents
a very interesting topic about human interactions, psychological/medical information, or a scientific topic about people.

Agenda for 2004/2005 Sessions

1. The Shapes Of Space, And The Extraordinary Death Of Ordinary Stars (Murray) This topic was discussed last month.

2. Tribal Identity Genetic History and Biology of Human Relations, this topic traces the scientific basis for ethnocentric group actions of people around the world. (Bob Trivus) This is the current topic.

3. How Deep Seated Psychological Needs Caused People To Turn To Supernatural And Religious Beliefs; Do Scientific Tools Offer Any Comfort? (Randy)

4. When Methane Was The Predominate Climate: The Start Of Life On Earth, Its Incubation, Plants -- Ultimately The Formation Of Oxygen, Etc. (Murray)

5. Are Social Behavior Patterns Programmed Into Genetic Makeup? (George Bentrum)

6. Fly By: We will first view a NASA tape involving space probes. The tape viewing will be scheduled for a convenient evening prior to the LifeCraft meeting. Then we will have an open discussion during LifeCraft about what we will have seen. (Mike Laughton suggested this topic)

7. Einstein and Beyond, 100 years Since Relativity (Murray)

8. Black Holes (Gerry Walsh)

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