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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Song search

Denise wrote in part for any ideas, recordings, sheet music, etc:
I'm searching for songs about Families of Different Types, acceptance of different types of families, orientation, lifestyle, diversity ... that are lyrically acceptable for children to sing, i.e., not raunchy, or else that can be acceptable with a few changes to the words. This is for a service at Sunnyhill on February 6 about "all kinds of families". (Actually, I'm not going to include abuser/victim style families.)

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Anonymous said...

The closest I've come is a song I'm trying to locate. It's "All I Really Need" by Raffi, reportedly on his albums of "Singable Songs for the Very Young" and "Baby Beluga" , and in 2 of his songbooks, Beluga Book and Second Songbook. Also recorded by Susan Stark on " Rainbow People." I've got the lyrics but not the melody.

'til later,


Mark Rauterkus said...

Amy Carol Webb has a great song. I'm not too sure if it is super good for kids as it is more of a political song -- healthcare, visiting a partner in the hospital and not having "family status."

Amy Carol Webb's song -- THINK AGAIN -- is also a goodie. It isn't just about families -- but about being 'open minded.' I don't have the music but she'll be here Oct 21, 24.

Dave Nachmanoff has a song about the Firefighter's Daughter. The daughter's mom is a firefighter. Grow up to be a hero just like her. (more for job outlook) I have this on CD and DVD as he played it in Pittsburgh.

I think Sharron Roblis has a good song about a girl athlete -- she is a speedball like none other. You don't know until middle of the song that the hometown hero isn't a guy football star -- but a girl.

Most of those go to lifestyle.