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Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Summer is passing and the grounds and gardens at Sunnyhill are reflecting the efforts of many people who have contributed to their nice appearance. A number of work parties were held in May and June. In May, the back patio and front and rear gardens were readied for our annual picnic. The gutters were also cleaned of the growing maple wings. In June, three work parties were held during which the many yews were trimmed, the trumpet vine shaped, and tree branches which interfered with cutting the grass were removed. In addition, general weeding and sweeping of the front patio and the gardens were performed.

You have probably noticed the results of considerable effort to remove six yews and the Thornwood bush at the entrance to the north parking lot. These were removed to provide another parking space and to improve the visibility of the lot making it unnecessary to enter and leave to see if there was a spot available. It also helps traffic flow on the Sunnyhill entrance driveway when there are a lot of people entering. The resulting tree branches and yews were reduced to mulch using a wood chipper.

All of the above work could not have been accomplished without the help of the following: Carl and Liz Bergmann, Vijay Chandhok, Charlie Cook, Larry Comden, Margaret Hamstead, Mike and Mary-Jo Hennessey, Joe Lodge, Margaret Lindquist, Andy Loverich Bernard, Keith McGough, Emily Marlier, Kimball Nedved, Steve and Angela Suarez, Pat Troell, Jerry Walsh, George and Patty Williams, and Robert Williams.

Our thanks to all who have helped maintain the Sunnyhill gardens and grounds. More work parties are planned to make Sunnyhill ready for the fall opening. So, it is not too late to provide your expertise to help. In addition to meeting fellow Sunnyhillers, you also become eligible to participate in the annual Garden Party party to celebrate our efforts during the year.

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