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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Get Out And Vote

Election Day is November 2, Right?
Not if You are an Absentee Voter.

Voting has never been easier! Starting this Labor Day, September 6, 2004, voters in almost every state in the United States will have the opportunity to register for absentee ballots. States have made it easier to register as an absentee voter to encourage voting in this and future elections.

Absentee voting is an easy and flexible way to vote. It allows you to participate in the election when it is most convenient for you. Most states give you the option to vote as early as two weeks prior to November 2, however, in select states you can vote even earlier — late September to early October through November 2. Application processes and regulations differ from state to state, but in many states you can permanently register for an absentee ballot so that you never have to go to the polls again! Applications are about one page and take five or less minutes to fill out.

For more information on your state’s absentee voting program and to register to vote, please visit and print out a voter registration form at

1 comment:

BobLee said...

And.... If you need a ride to the polls on Election Day... in the South Hills call the Sunnyhill Office and leave a message. Or you can sign-up on the bulletin board in the Sunnyhill Dining room.

This is for the South Hills Community but there are lots of other churches committees etc that are doing the same thing.

So PLEASE don't let a lack of transportation be the reason your voice isn't counted!

Democracy is done by people who vote when they can, Hipocracy is done by everybody else of voting age.